School Radio Station Package

Just add a laptop to begin broadcasting!

Have you ever thought of setting up a radio transmitting station for your school? It is not as expensive as you think and is really quite simple. All you need is a transmitter, an aerial, an audio mixer, some microphones and a computer to run background music from a playlist.

Setting up a Radio Station Package

  • 2x studio condenser microphones
  • 2x sprung desk arms to support mics.
  • 1x audio mixer
  • 1x computer hum eliminator
  • 2x EasySpeak recorders for out of studio recording
  • 1x set of fit out cables
  • 1x headphone amplifier (for up to 4 headphones)
  • 2x sets high-quality headphones
  • 1x FM transmitter
  • 1x FM transmitting aerial

Note: We are only able to sell this package to Schools

Price (excluding GST & freight)