Weeebot Coding Robot & Reading Robot Kit

Spark the creative genius in your Students through interactive play! The Weeebot is designed to help your Students develop:

                                                  Hand-eye coordination

                                                  Fine motor skills

                                                  Logical thinking

                                                  Problem solving

                                                  Teamwork and collaboration

                                                  Social skills




Suitable for ages from 3+ or anyone who wants to learn simple coding


Younger children can learn about robots using the prepared mats (included) or by line tracking and creating their own line diagrams.

They can enjoy melodies by using the included music mats.

Current mats also include: Human life

                                                Apple tree

                                                Animals of the world

                                                The growth diary of a caterpillar


Students age 5+ can get a clear idea of coding by creating a story (currently based around space exploration and life’s travels) and building the code to tell the story. The correct coding cards are arranged in the correct order. The Weeebot travels along the cards reading the code and is then ready to be placed on your storyboard.  The robot will play simple and interesting sounds when it travels.


Coding is based on scratch programming

Robot is rechargeable using 700mAh battery. Charge time 45min at 5V 1 amp.

Kit contains 45 coding cards and 48 story cards, 4 mats,1 line matt, roll of line tape, 1 music matt and 1 pc music notation, 1 robot.

Price (excluding GST & freight)