Toa HA1010AS Long Range Horn Array Speaker

Up to 600m of coverage!

The TOA Long Range Slim Array Speaker is composed of multiple horn speakers positioned in an array.

It features long-range sound coverage, further than that of multiple conventional horn speakers grouped together.

Narrowly focused vertical directivity allows high volumes to be controlled at closer proximity.

The HA-1010 speaker array provides a dispersion pattern of 90° horizontally x 15° vertically.

This directivity high-frequency array horn speaker provides two 100V taps of 25 and 50 watts, allowing for proper power sizing in almost any application.

Best used for Mass Notification and Voice Message announcements in various outdoor areas, including parking lots, parks & recreation areas, hotel & resort grounds, sports arenas,
military facilities & transportation terminals.


Key Features:

  • Offers high intelligibility over long distances
  • Ideal for earthquake, tsunami, bushfire, weather, airport, city and shark warning and evacuation systems
  • Over 800 sites rolled out in Japan for tsunami warnings
  • Compact and lightweight design (1250mm x 170mm wide x 140mm, 14kg
  • 90° horizontal and 15° vertical dispersion
  • Rated input power only 50W (100V line)
  • 114dB SPL (1W/1m), 131dB (50W/1m)
  • Up to 600m coverage
  • Stainless fixed wall brackets included
  • Fully weather resistant, salt resistant paint


  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Train Stations
  • Sports Arenas


Rated Input
Rated Impedance
  100V line: 200 Ohm (50W), 330 Ohm (30W)
Sound Pressure Level
  114dB (1W, 1m)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level
  131dB (50W, 1m)
Frequency Response
  350Hz - 7kHz
Directivity Angle
  Horizontal: 90 degrees (2kHz), Vertical: 15 degrees (2kHz)
Speaker Component
  Horn speaker unit x 8
Operating Temperature
  -20 degrees C to +55 degrees C
Water Protection
  Case, Panel: Aluminum, salt-resistant, paint, grey
Front grille: Aluminum, black
Bracket: Stainless steel (SUS 304), paint, grey
167(w) x 1233(h) x 140.5(d) mm (6.57” x 48.54” x 5.53”)
13.5kg (29.76lb)

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