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TOA ER2215 15W Shoulder Slung Megaphone

Toa's ER-2215 Sholder Slung Megaphones feature a Detachable Handheld Microphone with volume control, 23W output, approximately 9 hours battery life and an anti-bacterial treatment on the mouthpiece/ microphone and handle.

Shoulder Megaphone

  • Detachable Handheld Microphone with volume control and On/Off switch
  • Power Output: 23W Max.
  • 6 C batteries (9 hrs) (Batteries not included)
  • Range: 400m
  • Anti-bacterial treatment for all models (mouthpiece/microphone and handle)
  • High durability ABS or ASA resin construction
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wide frequency range for enhanced audio quality
  • Neodymium magnets and Polyimide speaker diaphragms
  • Three year warranty
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