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Talking Tin - Red 40 second recording

Supports the Development of Spoken Fluency and Listening Skills


Size: 79mm Diameter x 22mm 
Supports the Development of Spoken Fluency and Listening Skills 
Enhances the Learning Environment 
Supports the Development of Writing and Confidence with Words 
Record in any language - perfect for Modern Languages! 
Classroom activities to suit all ages and levels of ability 
Built-in magnets for attachment to any metal surface 
Messages are re-recordable - reuse time and time again!
RED 40-second version has a LOCK feature to protect your recorded messages 
Batteries are included, fitted and replaceable

"kids find the talking tins great because they can take them away to a private place and practice what they want to say and listen back to it immediately and rerecord correcting or making it clearer. Instant feedback, leads to them self-reviewing and monitoring. Can hear straight away if what they are saying makes sense. Builds confidence with being able to practice and hear how it sounds before they try it out on an audience. 
Talking tins are great for recording instructions on what to do or put something somewhere, great for recording immediate responses, thinking, feedback, anywhere, anytime. Out in the field, on trips ...."