Panasonic 32" LCD Television

Full HD Television with Freeview UHF tuner & USB Media Player

Discontinued model

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** Supplied with a full 3-year commercial warranty for school use **




Built-In Freeview

No extra boxes needed – you are good to go! 

Freeview is great content, free for all New Zealanders to enjoy. Over a million Kiwi homes already enjoy great local and international TV and movies, free with Freeview and lucky for you, it is built into Panasonic TVs, so you can start enjoying fantastic content as soon as your TV is out of the box and plugged in!

Simple & Compact

Easy to set up and simple to use, the 32-inch F400 is the perfect TV for when space is scarce. It is a great mix of basic functionality that you will be confident using while still providing awesome high-definition picture quality and HDMI/USB connectivity.

Forget the fuzz!

Dot Noise Reduction reduces fuzziness to make images clearer and crisper. 

Not all content sources are up to date with the arrival of high-definition picture quality and still contain lots of random noise which can leave screen images looking grainy and fuzzy. There isn’t much point in getting yourself an HD TV if the content you want to watch drags down the picture quality, so Panasonic Dot Noise Reduction works to correct this.

Media Player

Playback your own content via USB or HDMI – too easy! 

We all store our content in a vast array of ways these days and with the Panasonic Media Player, you’re able to connect your TV to devices and easily organise and playback your holiday snaps, music, home movies, and more! And, if you’re into Customisation you can make your media centre your own with loads of background, layout, music, and effects options.

A Perfect Colour Experience

No matter what you're watching on TV, the picture quality will be bright, colourful, and natural.

Hexa Chroma Drive

What is Hexa Chroma Drive? 
It is an original Panasonic technology for providing natural, beautiful colours using what we call “6-Colour Reproduction”. 

What does this mean for you? 
It means you experience a more subtle, naturally toned colour palette which looks authentic in any scene. Put simply, no matter what you’re watching on TV, the picture quality will be bright, colourful, and natural!

Wide Colour Space

By using special Wide Colour Phosphor Technology capable of producing a wider colour range, Hexa Chroma Drive covers more than 90% of DCI standards.

6 Colour Reproduction

Hexa Chroma Drive uses 6-Colour Reproduction, it manages colours by adding 3 complementary colours (CMY) to the 3 primary colours axes (RGB). This creates images which are naturally beautiful.

Hexa Boost

Watch Your Favourite TV Programmes in Vivid Colour with Hexa Boost 

Simply press the HEXA Boost Button on the remote control to enjoy vivid colour in content such as football, drama, and animation. For example, the pitch looks more vivid with real-life shades of green and uniforms look as if you were viewing them in their natural colours in an actual, live game.

Adaptive Backlight Dimming

Deeper black in dark scenes & plenty of punch in bright scenes 

TVs with Adaptive Backlight Dimming tailor the backlight to generate light only when it is actually required. This provides greater contrast between bright and dark, plus it reduces power consumption.