Basic TV Trolley TY34B

Market Leading Stability | Maneuverability | Flexibility | Versatile


The Basic Trolley will fully support screens from 43'' to 85''. Ideal for smaller groups/juniors due to its height.

The TV Trolley has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand to support the new approach to education which celebrates small group work and collaboration. It also recognises the need for educators to integrate technology into more varied learning spaces.

AS/NZS 62368.1:2018

Sitech Systems is always thinking about safety, with the new audio and video industry standard now completed, Sitech has already tested our range of trolleys to meet the new standard in:

  • Static Stability Test
  • Relocation Stability Test
  • Horizontal Force Test

Purchasing a TV trolley which adheres to this safety standard ensures that your school and BOT are meeting their obligations for Health & Safety considerations within the school


Your Sitech Trolley will handle almost any size monitor easily.

This trolley enables you to use multimedia in an on-court coaching session, wheel it into the gym, the library or resource centre as well as more traditional classrooms. It is perfect for more flexible learning spaces where teachers are team teaching in the same environment.

All trolleys come complete with a 6m attached power cord and a 4-way surge protected multi-box for extra electrical devices.


With four 100mm high rubber castors moving the unit a breeze, even on rough surfaces.

Available with specially designed “Trombone style” handles that can be adjusted to fit various size monitors. These handles protrude in front of the screen surface thus making it extremely difficult to make contact with hard surfaces. Also available is a lower cost, fixed width straight handle.

You can avoid glare from sunlight/lighting by simply moving the screen.

Key Features

  • Robust – will survive any education environment! The unit is constructed from tough oval-shaped, powder-coated steel for strength and safety.
  • Adjustable fixed mounting heights
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Easily moved out of sight when not in use.
  • Two front casters lock the trolley in place to prevent unwanted movement.
  • V-shaped base provides market-leading stability.
Price (excluding GST & freight)
Price (excluding GST & freight)