Argent 30 Series Server/Network Racks

The unique ‘H’ frame design is a key innovation for the Argent
30 Series. The H frame offers incorporates cabinet rigidity and
generous cable entry paths.
Argent-in-Post PDU’s are a cable management saving option, which
also allows for hot-swapping of installed server power supplies.
The new creative design square-patterned cable ladder provides
ease of cable installation.

• Scalable cable entry brush strip – maximising cable entry patching
• Front vertical cable ducting 125mm wide & starting from 150mm deep – maximising cable patching
• Vertical front cable manager – supplied as standard inclusion for premium quality installation
• Top straight drop cable pathways from overhead cable trays – minimising cable bending
• Front to rear cable pathways – ability to patch from front to rear/rear to front
• 4x4 post design - provides a rigid frame without compromising flexibility
• Segmented design for easy site installation
• Installer-friendly configuration options that can be done on site
• Cable chimney available – conceals unsightly bundles of cables
• Cable waterfall available -optimised cable bend radii
• Cable slack spools available – assists orderly managing cable slack
• Horizontal cable managers – left to right/right to left cable paths
• Project Engineering Drawings Service Available – conditions apply
• Left or right hand opening doors – flexibility in cabinet
orientation within the room
• Tool-less removable doors – simple lift-off design gives
greater installation access
• Hyper-vent front door – with integrated 3 point security
• Hyper-vent rear split door – with integrated 3 point
• Customer configurable locks – barrels & key type can be
changed by end user. Options include BiLock, Galaxy or
no lock

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