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AKG Crown PCC130 Boundary Microphone

Exceptional performance and small size

The CROWN PCC-130 and the CROWN PCC-130SW are surface- mounted small cardioid microphones of professional quality. With its small size, the CROWN PCC-130 is less conspicuous on a conference table than comparable mics. Because of its highly directional pickup pattern, the CROWN PCC-130 minimizes background noise and feedback.

The CROWN PCC-130SW has a silent-operating membrane switch which is normally off. The switch can be configured for touch on/off, momentary on or momentary off. A high-intensity LED lights when the unit is on. The CROWN PCC-130SW is intended for multiple-microphone use on a conference table where each person wants control of his or her microphone. The microphone attenuates 70 dB when the switch is in the off position.

- Cardioid polar pattern reduces background noise and provides an impressive gain-before-feedback
- CROWN PCC technology (phase coherent cardioid) prevents phase interference due to table sound reflections
- Wide and smooth frequency response
- Exceptional performance and small size
- Three-position bass-tilt switch

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