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AKG C1000S Premium Handheld Microphone

The versatility of the C1000S makes it extremely popular and it's ideally suited for all kinds of recording and live sound applications.

If phantom power isn't available, this mic can be powered by a standard 9 V battery, making it perfect for ENG or location recording. With its new battery monitoring electronics, the C1000S now features an LED warning light that warns when battery life falls below 45 minutes. The pickup pattern can be quickly switched from cardioid to hypercardioid simply by attaching the PPC 1000 polar pattern converter provided to the microphone capsule. The PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter supplied with the C 1000 S adds 3 to 5 dB of high-end enhancement between 5 and 9 kHz, improving speech clarity and adding definition to instrument sounds.

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