Panasonic 50" LCD Television

FullHD Smart Television with Freeview UHF and Satellite tuners & On Demand app



** Supplied with a full 3-year commercial warranty for school use **



Built-In Freeview

No extra boxes needed – you are good to go!

Panasonic TVs are set up with Freeview ready to go so that set up is easy and you can enjoy all free-to-air channels right away. More than just live TV, you can now enjoy Freeview On Demand on your Panasonic TV. Binge on entire seasons or catch up on what you have missed, it really is up to you.

All your content at the touch of a button

Built-In apps for Netflix, Lightbox, YouTube and more… 

How we watch TV has changed and we know that you’re looking for more than just live, free-to-air programming. Panasonic Smart TVs have your favourite streaming sources already built-in and ready to go.* We believe your TV should be able to accommodate your varied and unique viewing preferences so that you have a wealth of choice between, live and on demand, free-to-air and subscriptions, and traditional telly and apps. All you need to do is log in once to your content source of choice and it seamlessly becomes part of your TV watching experience. 

*Some content sources and streaming platforms will charge a regular subscription fee independent of Panasonic.


Satellite or UHF, we have you covered

Dual Tuners Built-In 

If you can’t get Freeview reception via a UFH aerial, the FS500 Series enables reception via your satellite dish - no additional set-up box is required! If you’ve already got a dish, you can easily watch various programmes, even if their signals don’t easily reach your location, without having to pay a monthly fee. Unlike many other places in the world, New Zealand homes have a distinct mixture of satellite and UHF tuners depending on whereabouts in the country they live. While some other global brands just cover off UHF capable homes with models designed for overseas markets, at Panasonic we have ensured that our TVs are fitted with both tuners especially for Kiwis.

my Home Screen 3.0

A personalised gateway to all your content 

Intuitive operation of the new and improved my Home Screen 3.0 enables hassle-free viewing and easy customisation. Switch effortlessly between Live TV, apps, and devices to access your content in no more than a couple of clicks. The updated 3.0 design also ensures that you can utilise the home screen without causing disruption to what is currently on screen. 

Tip: Creating your own shortcuts using myApp makes accessing your most commonly used functions even easier!


High Dynamic Range Support 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled TVs delivers images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television.
Panasonic TVs support multiple HDR formats such as HDR10 (the standard HDR format for films and UHD Blu-ray™ discs), and now also Hybrid Log Gamma (the HDR format for broadcast TV developed by the BBC and Japan's NHK). They also support next-generation HDR standards, enabling more precise image expression. 

* The ability to send a non 4K HDR signal via HDMI depends fully on the playback device. The majority of 4K Blu-ray discs require HDCP2.2 on TV to play back HDR, whereas the HDMI input on this TV support only HDCP1.4; accordingly not all HDR contents are guaranteed to be enjoyed on the TV.


A Perfect Colour Experience

No matter what you're watching on TV, the picture quality will be bright, colourful, and natural.

Hexa Chroma Drive

What is Hexa Chroma Drive? 
It is an original Panasonic technology for providing natural, beautiful colours using what we call “6-Colour Reproduction”. 

What does this mean for you? 
It means you experience a more subtle, naturally toned colour palette which looks authentic in any scene. Put simply, no matter what you’re watching on TV, the picture quality will be bright, colourful, and natural!


Wide Colour Space

By using special Wide Colour Phosphor Technology capable of producing a wider colour range, Hexa Chroma Drive covers more than 90% of DCI standards.

6 Colour Reproduction

Hexa Chroma Drive uses 6-Colour Reproduction, it manages colours by adding 3 complementary colours (CMY) to the 3 primary colours axes (RGB). This creates images which are naturally beautiful.

Hexa Boost

Watch your favourite TV programmes in vivid colour with Hexa Boost. 

Simply press the HEXA BOOST button on the remote control to enjoy vivid colour in content such as sport, drama, and animation. Colours appear brighter and images more real.

Adaptive Backlight Dimming

Deeper black in dark scenes & plenty of punch in bright scenes 

TVs with Adaptive Backlight Dimming tailor the backlight to generate light only when it is actually required. This provides greater contrast between bright and dark, plus it reduces power consumption.

Plenty of plug in

3 HDMI & 2 USB inputs

Sometimes we still need to physically plug devices in so Panasonic TVs have plenty of terminals for HDMIs and USBs for you to use without having to switch in and out too much.