Think of Audibility as loudness, and intelligibility as clarity.

If you want to hear something, you may turn up the volume to make it louder, but if you want to understand what you are hearing, adequate volume alone just doesn't cut it.


The ears are the doorway to the brain

In order for the brain to develop auditory information. The brain can only grow connections based on the data it receives. What comes out of the child is what went into the brain.


Soundfield / Voice reinforcement systems

Lightspeed technologies have been developing classroom audio solutions for over twenty years and are world leaders in the field.

Today with innovative spaces including breakout areas, large borderless classrooms, natural light, soft furnishings and larger student numbers of students occupying the same spaces brings with it the need for clear instructions with voice reinforcement systems that can meet the needs of modern device connectivity and simplicity.


The Proof is in the Research

  • 100% of teachers identified a decrease in vocal strain
  • More than 95% of students said it's easier to hear their teacher
  • Students demonstrated a significantly greater change in listening, learning behaviours and skills. The significant gains in academic scores were clearly evident in less than one school year
  • Teachers reported that classroom management was improved and discipline problems were reduced