Teacher Resources

More information on our products for Principals and Teachers: 

Mobile Video Wall

Sitech Systems NZ and Victoria University have broken new ground developing a Mobile Video Wall. Designed for learning commons, libraries and shared spaces, it adds life and vibrancy to any space. Read the story of how it came about.

Apps for iPad, Android and Win 8 devices

Apps for ECE and Juniors collated at an early childhood workshop of 100+ attendees


A page of FAQ's on buying, using and managing your chromebook


Panel TV's

Two think sheets to help guide your thoughts on Panel TV's:

  • Data Projectors vs Panels
  • Consumer vs Commercial Panels

Plus three case studies on schools who have made the switch

Access articles and case studies

Soundfield Systems or Voice Reinforcement

Research and articles that point to the importance of voice reinforcement in the classroom

Swivl Robot 

Find case studies, videos and supplier blog


Easi-speak microphones

Read some case studies on how teachers have used Easi-Speak microphones in their classroom


Amazing FREE resources to download and use with your BeeBot and New Zealand maps plus ideas for other robots and maps


Science Trolley

The low down on all the equipment in the trolley plus resources to use to integrate the trolley into your inquiries



Making the most of your microscope

Some lesson ideas for your microscope


Listening Post Solutions

A Think Sheet on how to make a listening post out of today's technologies and some ideas on how to use them


Oral Literacy

Gizmos and gadgets to develop oral literacy: A Think Sheet


Eight Spaces/Modern Learning Environments

A Think Sheet for integrating technology into a Modern Learning Environment or visit our Eight Spaces page


Radio Station

Read about how three schools took to the airwaves in our Think Sheet and visit our Radio Station Resource Page to learn everything you need to know!


Talk Tracker

Case studies of how a Talk Tracker can be used


Recordable Pegs

Case studies on using the Recordable Pegs


Sound Shuffle

Case studies on the use of the Sound Shuffle in the classroom.

Talking Photo Albums 

Used in a variety of ways, teachers share their ideas on the Talking Photo Albums


Talking Tins

See how Teachers of Special Needs use the Talking Tins


Story Sequencer

Case Studies on how the Story Sequencer can be used in a classroom and wonderful FREE downloadable activities.



collection of resources and case studies for the AVer Visualiser



Interactive software that comes with the eInstruction Mobi and Interactive Whiteboards: 8 training videos

A "how to" PDF on the interactive "sims"

Sample resources to download:


Check out product tutorials on the Sitech You Tube Channel

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