Talking Photo Albums

A3 and A5 Talking Photo Album

The junior syndicate at Sherendon School makes great use of both of their Talking Photo Albums. The children love them so much that they had to have two so that they could keep up with demand. Teacher, Jenny, rotates them so that the children always have something new to look at and read. The parents too, love to sit in the alcove and hear the stories that their children have created.                                                                                                    

The librarian at a Hastings Intermediate school has used the A5 Talking Photo Album for book reviews. Children at lunch time have illustrated and provided a review on what the book was about. Included in the reviews are the suitability of the book for age and gender, good parts, not so good parts and then a rating out of 10. This has helped reduce the table space for displaying books at the front of the library and provides the other students with appropriate information.
A Year 5 teacher in Central Hawke’s Bay uses her talking photo album to generate writing, where the intended audience are the school's New Entrants. The older children must create a Big Book that focuses on their current Learning Intentions. She has found that this carries over into reading, where the children can practise their reading aloud skills.



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