Swivl Robot


The Swivl is a robotic stand that is designed to hold a device such as an iPad while it is shooting video. It comes with a remote control that can be placed in a lanyard on the teacher or student and the video recording device then tracks them. The remote control has a built-in microphone that detects audio for up to 10m. You can also control your slideshow remotely if required. Works with iPads, iPhones and iPods running iOS 7 or later; Android and adapts to hold most tablets, smartphones and cameras.


Works with iPads, iPhones, Tablets and Cameras
What problems does it solve?
  • Do you want to capture video seamlessly whilst on the move around a learning space or outside?
  • Do you struggle to access a video camera, mics and then a computer for editing?
  • Do you worry about where to store and how to share your video?
  • Are you flipping your classroom and have no time to map your video to your slideshows?
  • Do you want to capture video footage unobtrusively for teacher reflection or behavioural management?
Maps video to slideshows at the click of a button
What can I do with it?
Where to begin! Capture learning achievement; group discussion for review; language for ESOL, Te Reo and Foreign Languages; musical and vocal performances to critique or share; PhysEd students for self-assessment; teaching and learning for reflective practice; professional development sessions; classroom behaviour and content for flipping your classroom.
Swivl capturing student holding the lanyard, adding to the discussion
Who’s using it:
Bucklands Beach Primary
Pakuranga College
Ormiston Primary
Alfriston College
James Cook College
What else do I need to know:
Accessories are available including adaptors, additional mics and carry cases. 
Next steps:
View the product online for an online quote or to order
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