Story Sequencer

Story Sequencer

The Story Sequencer has multiple uses. A Gisborne teacher uses his sequencer during writing to focus on a particular language feature. For instance, if the class is focussing on alliterations, the teacher adds pictures of animals and the students will then record their alliteration for the next student to hear, before the picture is then changed and the procedure repeated.  He has also used it for assessments during topic studies such as Science and Writing so that sequences can be explained and displayed.


New Entrant children in Marion Croad’s class use it to follow simple instructions and routines for the morning. So the teacher  is not repeating herself over and over again with the same instructions and the children can feel comfortable knowing that they haven’t forgotten anything. Marion also uses the story sequencer as part of her ‘First Chance’ programme when the children are learning to write high frequency words. They press the recording to hear the word, then they write the word and turn the card over to check that they have written it correctly.


An Early Childhood Teacher in Hastings, uses their Story Sequencer to give multiple instructions to children. The pictures matched with a voice recording helps to reinforce to groups of children what it is they are expected to do, without the teacher having to repeat the instructions a number of times.


A teacher in Northland uses her Story Sequencer during Maths time.  Numbers are drawn onto the cards in the slots and instructions are recorded in each slot. For example,  the number in the first slot may be 7 and the instruction may say “Sing the number after”. The number in the second slot may be 4 and the recorded instruction may say “hop on one foot the number before”. She said the children love the instructions and so she has had to think really hard to come up with new and exciting instructions.



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