Sound Shuffle


Sound Shuffle
A Fielding teacher has been using the Sound Shuffle as a way to increase the fitness of her students. On a weekly basis, she records instructions on physical exercises and divides the class into teams. The children race to push the sound shuffle. The first there relays the message to the rest of the team who then complete the activity. The second team pushes again and so on until the teams return to the first message that they began with. She has also used this as a relay where one student completes the task and then the next student takes their turn until their whole team has completed a task. She now has increased the number of sound shuffles in her class to three as she uses them so often.
Basic facts recorded onto a sound shuffle is also part of her maths time. Children cannot move on to the next basic fact until the group agrees on the answer. This is done with a timer to enable the children to challenge themselves and beat their previous time. The children themselves record the basic facts as each group is at a different level.


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