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The Science Learning Hub -

The Science Learning Hub promotes student interest and engagement in science by providing contemporary, contextualised resources for school teachers from Years 5–10. The Science Learning Hub showcases science using a variety of resources. It demonstrates the relevance of scientific research to our everyday lives and provides a link between New Zealand scientists and teachers.

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Science Learning Hub Contexts:

The contexts are the heart of the Hub, each exploring a major theme or idea and providing a gateway to related content and explorations. Each context is supported by a range of collections including multimedia files, classroom resources based on the requirements of the New Zealand science curriculum, and the stories of New Zealand’s science and technology sector in action.

Science Learning Hub Science Stories:

Our science stories are smaller collections of resources, putting the focus on key science themes, ideas and events.

Nature of Science on the Science Learning Hub:

The nature of science is the overarching and unifying strand in the New Zealand science curriculum document. This area of the Science Learning Hub unpacks this strand and highlights places within the Hub that address this key component of scientific literacy.

The Science Learning Hub flyers

The flyers on the following pages show some of the highlights of a range of Contexts and Science stories to be found on the Science Learning Hub.


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