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Redcat Lightspeed Soundfield System


Trial one today and there will be no going back... Trial one today


We cannot stress enough how important intelligibility is in the classroom.

Read on to learn why.

Lightspeed Redcat Voice Reinforcement Systems  


Academic Research

Download our Think Sheet to read a summary of research findings

PowerPoint featuring Donna Goodman in British Columbia who has been using Lightspeed products for over five years and is an audiologist. She retired earlier this year from working in schools, and now works as a consultant to Precision Sound in B.C.

Report: How third-grade reading skills and poverty influence high school graduation


Media Coverage

Read about teacher experiences in the media

New Zealand Herald 24.02.13 - "Teachers voices suffer"

New Zealand Herald 4.2.15 - "Teachers Struggle to Find Voice - Survey Finds"


Government Initiatives

From early 2013 Boards of trustees have been authorised to use Property Grants ensure ALL your students can hear:

“The board of trustees can use the property grant to install classroom sound field systems. These systems distribute the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom (via speakers) and can benefit a number of students by improving the level of the teacher’s voice relative to background noise at the student’s location in the classroom.”

Read the full information sheet


From the Supplier

White Papers

Case Studies



Trial one today and there will be no going back...

Trial one today


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