Data Projector - Care and Maintenance


1. When setting up the projector always sit it on a stable, clean surface. DO NOT use a cloth or any other covering underneath the projector (as this may contain DUST that will be sucked into the projector).

2. DO NOT unplug the projector from the wall or allow the power cord to be removed before the projector has fully cooled down (fans not running – ready light on).

3. DO NOT use the projector in any smoke filled environment (the sticky residue from the smoke will quickly block air intake filters and contaminate LCD panels, reducing picture quality).

4. DO NOT treat the projector roughly. When carrying be careful not to bump the projector into doorways etc (hard knocks can upset the critical adjustment of the optical system).

5. AVOID anyone looking into the light beam, (the bright light can cause eye damage).

6. DO NOT move the projector while it is operating.

7. DO NOT use a faulty or worn power extension lead, if using an extension lead to the projector.



1. DO leave the projector running for a minimum of 20 minutes once it is switched on and leave off for at least 10 minutes if it is switched off. (The lamp life will be reduced by short on times and short off times, lamps can cost $600-$1000).

2. DO use the “no show” button or place the lens cover over the lens to blank the light on the screen if the projector is not needed for short periods, (this saves turning the power button to off thus protecting the lamp).

3. DO have the air filters cleaned on a regular basis (every 3 months). This is a simple procedure, contact Sitech Systems for details.

4. DO check the lamp indicator light or hour meter from time to time as user hours can mount up faster than you expect.

5. DO make sure that the power lead is fully inserted into the projector and making good contact. Use the power lead supplied.

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