Sitech Sports PA System (Mains Powered)

Sitech Sports PA System (Mains Powered)
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Sitech Sports PA System (Mains Powered)

Introducing Sitech's newest addition to the Sports PA family. A 230V AC powered portable sound system. Featuring an 9 channel mixer amp driving 30 Watt wide range horn speakers. The system can be purchased as a 2 speaker or 4 speaker trolley and can have a maximum of 8 speakers (Speaker add-on kit required). Two microphones are supplied, 1 x wireless 100 channel UHF handheld microphone and 1 x corded microphone. This unit can be upgraded to run from  2x 12V automotive batteries. (optional DC Upgrade kit required).

Trolley Features:

  • AMIS250 Australian Monitor 6 Input Mixer Amplifier 250 watt
  • CS304 TOA 30 Watt Wide Range Speaker
  • ACT707S Mipro UHF Half Rack Receiver
  • ACT707HE Mipro Wireless UHF Hand-held Microphone
  • SCR21S Samson Dynamic Corded Microphone with Switch
  • SATS100 Samson Heavy Duty Speaker Stands
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