Lightspeed - Additional RedMike for Redcat

Sound Field Systems-  Additional RedMike for Redcat

RedMike :Small, lightweight, easy-to-use microphone

Product Highlights

• Lightweight and easy-to-use
• Designed for teacher comfort
• Alkaline charge protection
• Volume controls
• Virtually unbreakable
• 5-year warranty

Designed for the Teacher

Once again, Lightspeed innovation is driven by a commitment to strengthen the teacher and student connection. REDMIKE delivers, with an attractive, ultra-light, easy to use pendant-style wireless solution.
Whether REDMIKE is worn comfortably around the teacher's neck, or used as a hand-held for student use (perhaps in a two-microphone scenario). For situations where the CAT system may be located high on a wall or in a media cabinet, the all new REDMIKE VC with volume control is now available. This microphone has the same great benefits of the standard REDMIKE plus the added ability to conveniently change the volume level from anywhere in the classroom.

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