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With the growth in classroom numbers and space becoming a premium Sitech Systems has combined two of its popular classroom tools. The Teaching Station and Charging Cart combination economises on space within the classroom freeing up valuable floor space and reducing the total cost per classroom.

Using all the popular characteristics of the teaching station, with the addition of 2 charging draws capable of fitting up to 20, Chromebooks, Ipads or Tablets; you get the best of both worlds. Securing your classroom devices and incorporating all important cable management your students and staff will find the operation of the new teaching station a breeze.

The standard Teaching Station comes with a lifting whiteboard, a pull out side tray for a laptop or visualizer. With 100mm castors the Teaching Station is able to be moved across the classroom or campus easily. The built in wall plate connection for PC or laptops avoids users plugging directly into the TV panel and damaging connections. 


The Teaching Station with Charging Draws come standard with:

  • 2 lockable, 10 bay charging draws for Chromebooks, Ipad or Tablets
  • Simple cable management system
  • 6-meter power cable
  • Sliding laptop tray
  • Retractable/lifting whiteboard
  • Lockable wheels
  • A 43” LED Panel
  • Pin board on the reverse side
  • Wall plate connections for device connection

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