Set of 6 Recordable Pegs - EY03326

Award Winning Early Years set of 6 Recordable Pegs. Simply press the button and record a 10 second message.

Why not create a beautiful and informative space display in your classroom with this set of 6 brightly coloured recordable pegs.

Record information about rockets, planets or space facts to display with artwork or even peg up and record descriptive language moon poems!
Pegs can attach to a line surface then simply press to play back your recording.
So may uses!
  • Use for dens
  • Talking number lines and timelines
  • Clip next to pieces of work to hear a description
  • Make a talking display
  • Place near an activity so that children can follow instructions
  • Take outside and use on fences
  • Go on treasure hunts, listening to the clues each time you find a new peg.
  • Because the peg can clip to a variety of surfaces, it really does lend itself to all kinds of learning opportunities.
  • Size Approx 10cm.
  • For ages 3 yrs+
Set includes 6 recordable pegs in 6 bright colours with replaceable batteries.

To read a case study go here

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