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FLOW Software
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Turn any tablet, computer or smartphone into a voting clicker. Or use with eInstruction classroom response systems.

Flow is user-friendly assessment software that allows you to start a session immediately. This dynamic solution is fully cloud integrated and LMS ready, fully compatible with eInstruction® student response systems as well as with applications for smartphones and tablets. Flow questions are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, eInstruction Workspace™, Open Office and other software.

Flow is designed to offer educators at all levels, from primary through higher education, a straight-forward, easy assessment experience.  Developed from careful consideration of an educator’s needs, the Flow software is designed to correspond to all the assessment requirements found in a typical classroom, whether formative, summative or diagnostic. It has been created to facilitate the continuous evaluation of students’ progress, monitoring of attendance and level of learning.

eInstruction Flow is open software, able to be used with clickers from eInstruction. Flow works with virtual student response systems or ‘virtual pads’ (vPad) on smartphones or tablets running either Android or iOS operating systems, and even on Windows PCs, Linux or Mac X OS.

Flow is compatible with a wide range of computer programmes such as eInstruction’s Workspace, Microsoft's PowerPoint, OpenOffice and more. Flow is flexible for teachers to use and match to their teaching style. Teachers can create questions easily from a wide range of media and content options, collect the responses with student response devices and publish the results locally or a variety of LMS systems.

Flow is available as 20 or 40 licences and is provided as a USB hardware key.

eInstruction Classroom Response Systems come with 5 free FLOW licences.

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