Omnitapps Multi Touch Software

OmniTapps Professional – specially designed for touch surfaces in an educational setting, this software allows you and your students to create interactive activities that fully utilise the benefits of mutlitouch. Includes:

OmniWall – your ultimate presentation tool allowing students to simultaneously view different files, browse websites, view google maps and watch YouTube Videos. Imagine the discussion and sharing!
OmniBrowser – view more than one browser simultaneously
OmniDrawOnVideo – highlight interesting points on your video
OmniTimeline – present your inquiry topic or subject through a multitouch timeline menu. Have children create their own.
OmniMap – add markers (pdfs, videos etc) to your Google Maps
OmniMatch – up to 4 people can match pictures to categories
OmniQuiz – multitouch quizzes
And more.
• Developed from the ground up for multitouch
• Easy configuration.
• Customizable interface and background.
• Works with all Sitech Systems NZ hardware touchscreens.
• Requires PC with Windows 7
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