Sumdog Educational Games

Sumdog's games make maths, reading and writing fun!

Students love Sumdog Maths - and its powerful learning engine targets their personal needs.  Play games, earn coins, and visit Sumdog's shop. Sumdog puts the fun into math.

Sumdog Reading- access thousands of questions covering grammar and vocabulary, for primary schools.

Sumdog Writing lets your students practise writing together. It offers innovative multiplayer games, with an intelligent engine to rewardgood spelling and vocabulary.

Why use Sumdog?
Students play educational games against others worldwide, while teachers control what they learn.

Powerful adaptivity
Our powerful learning engine understands each student, tailoring questions to their individual needs

Reports and analysis
Subscriptions give you unlimited activities to motivate your students, and unlimited reports to analyze their progress.

Premium games
Subscribed students and their teachers will be able to play Sumdog's latest games months before anyone else.

Most of Sumdog's Maths games are free to play, at school or at home. However, to access the latest maths games, reading questions, writing games or unlimited progress reports and activities, you'll need a subscription.

If your school subscribes to Sumdog Reading or Mathematics between March 27th and April 18th 2014, we'll give you the same number of Sumdog Writing subscription places at no extra cost!

For pricing and to request a quote click here*

*Once you have been issued with a quote by Sumdog, forward a copy including the quote reference number to to proceed with your order. You will then receive a confirmation of order from Sumdog as soon as your order has been processed and an invoice will be issued to the school in due course.

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