eInstruction Touchboard with HiLo Adjust IT Frame

eInstruction Touchboard with HiLo Adjust IT Frame
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IWB Packages

Sitech Systems have developed a wall mounted assembly to mount the Panasonic PT-CW240EA Data projector and an eInstruction Touchboard with all cabling. The system allows the board and projector to be raised and lowered by a child so they can reach the top of the board.

eInstruction’s TouchBoard interactive whiteboard puts lessons right in the students hands. Students can work at the board with the TouchBoard’s pen-and-finger system to solve problems, write sentences, or draw pictures for a more engaging, interactive classroom experience. With TouchBoard’s touch technology students can interact with lesson content with their own hands

  • Durable dry-erase surface designed to withstand the rigors of a typical classroom
  • High-resolution infrared technology provides accuracy in writing, diagramming, and lesson delivery.
  • Combine with the Mobi family of mobile interactive whiteboards for student-centred learning and teacher mobility.

Package include:

+Please note: new projector model coming soon

*Travel, accommodation and expenses relating to installation are at an additional cost

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Please note: Standard package price does not include a plastic enclosure with clear cover that allows surface mounting of cabling. Wallbox must be selected to include this option.