Upgrading to Mountain Lion - Workspace

Install note from eInstruction when upgrading to Mountain Lion:

After upgrading OS to Mountain Lion and installing Mountain Lion compatible versions of Workspace the Device Manager won't always start up properly. This issue appears when installing over an existing version, not when doing a clean install.

There are two different things that can be done to get the Device Manager to load. The easiest option is to simply uninstall just the Device Manager, then run the Workspace/CPS installer again. There is a Device Manager uninstaller in the Device Manager program folder. If the customer no longer has the Workspace or CPS installer, a link for the standalone DM installer can be sent.

The other option which is a bit quicker but can be a little more confusing to someone who isn't very computer savvy is to edit one file in the Device Manager folder. Following are the steps:

1. Locate the file called dm.properties - this is in the following location:
HD: Applications: eInstruction: Device Manager: preferences

2. Open dm.properties in text editor and add the following command line:

3. Save and close the file.

At this time you should be able to successfully launch the Device Manager.

Thank you,

Brian T. Borst
Technical Support Tier 1


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