Support for your eInstruction Products

Visit for user guides and software downloads.


Setting up your eInstruction Touch Board

1) Download the getting started guide


Updating your software and hardware

A step by step guide to making sure that all your hardware and software is up to date. You will find that this will eliminate most technical issues. To download a pdf of these instructions click here.

1)    Update Workspace software to the latest version downloadable from here

2)    Then update the content gallery also downloadable from above link

3)    Open the Workspace software, go to the gallery and click on it > build the gallery (this will install all the content)

4)    Check for the device manager symbol in your tray (bottom right on PC's / top right on Mac). If it isn’t there, go to programs > einstruction > device manager and it will re-appear

5)    Open the device manager and connect to the board and pad (make sure both are turned on!)

6)    Note regarding upgrading to Mountain Lion

Bluetooth devices - Schoolboard (has a black dongle on top) and SchoolPad (is a blue pad)

7)    If you don’t connect (i.e. see a green tick) then you may need to configure your PC’s Bluetooth. Instructions for configuring HP and Toshiba here. If your Mac is not loading the device manager go here

RF Devices – board has grey or white dongle and the pad is called the Mobi and is white

8)    You need to update the firmware (i.e. the board, pad and dongle devices themselves) Instructions here – make sure that you have the dongle plugged in to the PC as well as the Mobi and Board attached via USB – it will then check for Firmware updates on all 3 devices

9)    Your devices should then connect – i.e. have green ticks next to them.

Boards connected via USB

10)    They should connect once steps 1-5 have been completed – if there is a problem, try switching to a different USB cable – sometimes the USB cables can break over time.

Checking pens

11)  Once connected put the pen on the pad / board and check if it is working. If nothing happens, check the pen on a pad or board that you know does work and then you will know that it is a battery problem, rather than a connection problem. Charge it overnight and try again. If it still doesn’t work you will need to contact us for a replacement.

12) An information sheet on caring for your pens can be downloaded here.


Getting to grips with Workspace Interactive Resources (Sims)

13) Run through the interactive resources guide


Still having difficulties?

If you are still encountering difficulties after updating your software, hardware and Bluetooth then please contact:

•    einstruction technical support via the NZ Freephone Number 0508 812 766 (Landline only) or via email
•    or Sitech Systems NZ Ltd at .

To enable us to help you, we will need the following information:
a)    Your name and contact details (phone and email)
b)    Your computer brand and version of windows or apple OS you are running. On PC’s go to Control Panel\System and Security\System or on Macs go to Apple > About this Mac to find this information
c)    The name of the product (schoolboard, dualboard, touchboard, schoolpad, Mobi)
d)    How the device is connected – Bluetooth, RF, USB
e)    A description of the problem – please feel free to include an attachment with print screens or files that show the issue

We will contact you as soon as we can.

Please note that all telephone support is free of charge but there will be a call out charge for any onsite technical support not covered by warranty.

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