Easi-Speak Sound Recorder: Case Studies

For Oral Literacy - at Peterhead School, Flaxmere

Tessa Beaver, from Peterhead School in Hawke’s Bay wouldn’t be found without an Easi-Speak recorder in her classroom. She uses this piece of technology for practising fluency. The children record themselves reading and then play it back to hear how they sound. She has found them especially useful before and after the AVAILLL and Fast For Word reading programmes. This allows for assessment for the children, their parents and herself. As the MP3 files don’t take up much room, she makes sure her children regularly update their sound files so that they can compare their progress. This has been particularly useful during parent conferences. Assessments are made throughout the curriculum using these.
Irongate School, Flaxmere
Connecting with the Whanau - Year 5 & 6 children at Irongate School have used them for student-led interviews. Children have taken the Easi-Speak recorder home to record an interview, in one case, one student interviewed his grandmother, who lives in the Chatham Islands, over the phone and then played it back to the class, who were amazed and motivated to think outside the square. These interviews were then uploaded onto the children’s e-portfolios where parents and whanau could listen to their own recordings.
New entrants recoding their mihi - Marion Croad a new entrant teacher in Hawke’s Bay uses her microphones for Nursery rhymes. The children will recite a rhyme and then upload it onto the IWB so that children can listen and also read the rhyme at the same time, allowing them to be immersed in print. Recording the children’s own stories that match their story wheels is another way they have used them for others to listen to at a later date. Her students also use the Easi-speak to record their mihis once they have learnt them and share them with others.
Relevant Recounts - Using photographs taken from the school production, sequencing them and then re-telling the story into the Easi-speak microphone was one activity that was used in Teresa Gargiulo’s room. Limiting the children to 10 photographs enabled the older children to think beyond what the photos visually provided. Meshing the technology of an ipad and a Easi-speak has provided the children with the motivation to bring their reading to fluency. An online reading activity which the children read along with the story allows them to hear whether or not they have speed, accuracy and proper expression.


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